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Welcome and Congratulations

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward better health.  Below we have outlined the new patient process at our office.  The following 2 steps are simply a guide to familiarize yourself with what to expect during your first and second visit.
Yours Truly, Dr. Pope - Your Premier Chiropractor in Kanata, Ontario. 



Visit #1 - New Patient Exam  (approx. 1hr)


Our goal is to make your initial visit a comfortable, yet knowledgeable, experience.  Upon your arrival, one of our team members will always greet you with a smile and ensure that all required forms are fully completed.  Our intake forms are designed to give Dr. Pope important and relevant information about you and your reasons for seeking Chiropractic Care.  This initial appointment will begin with a complimentary consultation between you and Dr. Pope to outline all of your health concerns and to ultimatly see if Chiropractic Care can help you achieve the results that you are looking for.   If Chiropractic Care is not right for you, it will be our pleasure to provide other avenues that may be  better suited to help you.


 If Chiropractic Care is the right fit for your case, Dr. Pope will proceed with a thorough chiropractic examination which includes an evaluation of your range of motion (ability to turn and bend), a detailed postural assessment, as well as a series of neurological, orthopaedic and physical examinations.  The results of these tests will allow Dr. Pope to have a better understanding of your overall condition and its potential root cause. 


Depending on the findings of your examination, Dr. Pope will determine whether a set of spinal x-rays will be required before Chiropractic Care can be provided.  All of our x-rays are state of the art digital x-rays and are taken on site. 


Once the intial examination is complete and there are no contraindications to Chiropractic Care, you will recieve your first Chiropractic Treatment.


This concludes your first visit.  




After Dr. Pope has had sufficient time to study your health history and correlate your examination findings, he will review with you all of your relevant findings, as well as, his recommendations that are specifically designed to help you achieve your health goals.  The first priority is to make sure that you have all of the information you require to make an informed health choice.  During your Report of Findings, Dr. Pope will offer answers to the four common questions most practice members have when they consult a Chiropractor:


  • What’s wrong?
  • Can Chiropractic help?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?


Once all of your questions have been answered, you will recieve your second Chiropractic Treament.


This will conclude your second visit.




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New Patients Only

When myself, my sister, and my father first met Dr. Pope we knew very little about what a chiropractor did and we weren't even sure if we would have any benefit from it, but your treatments and personalized care has made such a huge difference to all of us and relieved us from issues such as lower and upper back pain, headaches, postural correction, and stress reduction. We've also benefited from the personalised attention that you give and the extent you go to help us understand and educate us on the true meaning of a healthy nervous system.


Riddhi, Nandini and Nayan T.

I came to Dr. Pope doubled-over with acute back pain after suffering a disc herniation. I had been suffering from lower back pain on and off for several years and though that by ignoring it, the pain would simply go away. Dr. Pope quickly assessed the situation and began me on a course of treatment that not only resolved the back pain issues, but also treated other issues in my hips and feet that were contributing to the pain and postural alterations that I had been suffering from for all these years. Dr. Pope's holistic approach to chiropractic care not only resolved my immediate pain issues, it gave me the tools I needed to prevent a re-occurrence of the same problem in the future.

Stephanie P

I’ve been through a variety of treatments for my back problems (Schuermann’s disorder, scolosis, and a herniated disc), and none have shown me much progress until I was introduced to Dr. Ryan Pope. Under his chiropractic care, I have had noticeable improvements in my back – a reduction of pain, and an improvement in my mobility. My wife and I both see him for maintance care and we continually recommend him to all of our friends and family.


Glenn B.

I would like to thank Dr. Pope for his skilled and proficient chiropractic care. Over the past year I have enjoyed increased mobility and flexibility, a significant reduction in neck and back pain and a greater overall sense of well-being. I have recommended Dr. Pope to several people that are looking to take their health to the next level but do not know where to begin.

Lauren P.

When I first met Dr. Pope, I had been suffering from debilitating back pain and was told that I would probably require surgery to alleviate the pain. As an aspiring firefighting student, back surgery would have ended my career before it even started. Dr. Pope was able to alleviate my pain completely and restore full mobility. I continue to see Dr. Pope regularly because he helps me to train at the top of my potential, and feel my best. He may not have saved my life, but he definitely saved my livelihood.

Bob M.

I began to see Dr. Pope in June 2009 after I experienced sharp pain in my lower back. After receiving intensive treatments to repair the problem, I chose to continue my treatments as a preventative measure. Since receiving treatments I feel stronger and healthier which has had a major impact on my everyday life. I plan on continuing my regular visits with Dr. Pope to take my health to its optimal level and maintain it.


Before going to the Chiropractor, I was having headaches daily, and sometimes to the point of being sick to my stomach, and now I’m going weeks without a headache. This has been a dream come true. Although I'm sure Advil isn't happy that I'm using less, I know I am. Chiropractic care, more importantly, Dr. Pope, has made it possible for me to be Advil free!

Lindsay E.

When I started under Dr. Pope’s care, I immediately saw results. I was able to sleep, less headaches and over the course of time, less episodes of feeling faint and dizzy, and today, that feeling as completely disappeared. Before I started treatment, I could not get through a night without waking up at least 5 times a night. Now I’m waking up approximately one to two times a night, usually to go to the washroom, but I am able to go back to sleep very quickly. Today, I am able to sleep on my side again, and due to your sleeping seminars, as well as your guidance, I have been able to keep my back relatively calm and in place while getting a good night's sleep. I can also see a difference when I lay down on my back. I feel more...level or balanced. This has made sleep a lot more comfortable. I like to have sleeping options, and now I can sleep on my back or side and not be in agony the next day.


Knowledge is power, and I believe that Dr. Pope has a lot of information to share to the Kanata community about the restoration of health and wellness through the means of chiropractic care.

Anna R.